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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Retailers

Do you have cards with other musical intruments?

Yes. Over the years, we've developed cards that have included the Tuba, Violin, Cello, Flute, Bassoon, Double-bass, Clarinet and Oboe. See our Cards by Instrument page to find a card with the instrument of your choice.

Do you do custom messages?

Yes. We can customize text messages on cards for orders of 100 or more.

How much is shipping? When will my order arrive?

For personal orders, shipping is FREE. Retailers, please see our For Retailers section.

Personal orders are sent using USPS only. While we ask that our customers allow for 5 days for their orders to be processed, we typically process orders 1 to 2 days after we receive payment. After we process the order, USPS takes 3-5 days to ship products from Honolulu to customers based in the U.S. International orders usually take longer.

Do you have wholesale prices for retail stores?

Yes. Many of our customers have been retail stores. For more information, please see our For Retailers section.

Does Normzart offer e-cards?

No, but we do offer a card mailing service for your convenience. We also feel that receiving a real card in the mail is more personal and unfortunately becoming more rare. Make people smile when their mail arrives with something they can hold and display on a desk or refrigerator.

I don't want to order on-line. Can I order by phone or by e-mail?

Yes, you certainly can. Here's how. Keep in mind that our policy is to process orders only after receiving your payment. Please contact us.

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