OFFICIAL VIDEO: Habitually Late by Ruth Shiroma Foster from Ruth Shiroma Foster on Vimeo.

Habitually Late - The Music Video

Hillary Langston (Rosemary Bak) is never on time, much to the ire of everyone she has an appointment with. But she has a secret that makes big news in Honolulu.

This music video is for the original song Habitually Late written by Ruth Shiroma Foster and performed by VIVO (Ruth on vocals/ukulele, Duane Padilla on violin, Norm Foster on bass clarinet).


STARRING Rosemary Bak, Philippe Gross, Emmett Mahoney, Shelli Huang, Jimmy Borges, Frank B. Shaner, Pete & Sylvia Thompson and Chris Riel. Also appearing are the members of VIVO - Ruth Shiroma Foster (ukulele, vocals), Duane Padilla (violin) and Norm Foster (bass clarinet).

SOUNDTRACK produced and recorded by Pierre Grill, Rendez-Vous Recording.

ALSO APPEARING: Alika Lyman, Allegra Mossman, Blossom Larsen, Dennis Imoto, Brenda Imoto, Faith Shiroma, Helga Emmerson, James Shiroma, Jocelyn Belden, Julie Ryan Shiroma, Kyle Kimura, Lori Yrizarry, Luke Kirch, Marina Li, Mark Shiroma, Noel Eto, Randy Whiteford, Sadie Shiroma, Stanley Shiroma, Shelli Huang, Zachery Shiroma.



CAMERA ASSISTANCE: Shelby Dell, Naomi Shiroma, Norm Foster

Naomi Shiroma & Peter Hershorn
Pierre Grill & Toni Drake
Dr. Craig & Julie Feied
Greens & Vines Vegan Gourmetn Restaurant
Dr. Edmund Char, D.M.D.
James & Julie Shiroma
Marina Li
Noel Eto
Diane Kim
Edward Birtodaso
Harvey Dickson
Paula Gillingham Bender
Lorna Lim Wong
The Dragon Upstairs
Lori Arizumi
Lori Yrizarry
Leah Arizumi, The Mezz 127
Hawaii Public Radio
Brad Mossman & Michele Matsuo
... and all our supporters and friends.


The following award announcement was written and delivered by Norm Foster Dec. 11, 2013 at the Habitually Late Video and CD Release Party at The Mezz 127 in Honolulu:

This actor is normally behind a camera instead of in front of one, wears a tie only if someone else ties it for him, enrolls in classes on theatrical improv taught by a guitar thief, can be found teaching psychology at Kapiolani Community College, attends photography exhibitions and vacations in Switzerland. If you read his book "The Tao of Photography" cover to cover, there's no telling what crazy things you'll do next!

The award for Best Actor Playing An Impatient Employer Trying to Be Patient goes to ... PHILIPPE GROSS!

This actor - while extremely talented as a guitarist - was not chosen for his musical abilities, but rather for his good looks and obvious musculature. His acting ability was something that came naturally since he basically just acted as himself - a buff guitarist busking in public every minute of his spare time, oblivious to his surroundings and therefore an easy target of guitar thieves.

This award for Best Actor Playing Himself Playing Guitar goes to EMMETT MAHONEY!

This actor was "made in China" but is not available at WalMart, as dentists are too expensive for typical WalMart customers. She is known for her expert teeth-cleaning of orchestral musicians, especially clarinetists, and this experience qualified her for the role of Hillary Langston's irate and sadistic dentist. Choosing to serve those physically unable to come to a dentist's office, she takes her practice on the road, flossing, drilling and filling with a smile. However, her enjoyment of poetry and photography is what brought her into the world the Director.

This award for Best Dentist Playing Herself In Another Dentist's Office goes to SHELLI HUANG!

This actor is known for being well-known in Hawaii as a well-known singer, entertainer and actor in Hawaii 5-0 and other film and television productions. Playing the bad guy in many of the Hawaii 5-0 episodes of the 1960s was merely training for the ultimate role he would take in the music video Habitually Late, where he plays a raw vegan restaurant thief. Suggesting FRANK B. SHANER to be his partner in crime in the video was a stroke of genius as his ability to catch a flying money bag is unparalleled in the business.

This award for Best Actual Actor and Singer in a Non-Singing Role goes to JIMMY BORGES!

This actor can be heard on the radio on Saturday afternoons talking to post-WWII babies about music, art and anything else worth talking about, including music videos about the good side of tardiness. During the shoot, his love of West Side Story manifested itself in the simple act of snapping his fingers to the beat of the music, which was viewed as a stroke of genius and the shot made it into the final version. Known also as a painter, this actor is still a kid at heart, using crayola crayons in some of his work. His natural ability to catch flying money bags actually filled with scarves made him perfect for the role. The similarity of his name to the character he plays in the video - Frank De Shaver - also made him perfect for the role.

This award for Best Artist and Radio Show Host Playing Catch and Snapping His Fingers with Jimmy Borges goes to FRANK B. SHANER!

These actors played themselves as owners of a successful raw vegan restaurant that keeps its money stored in bags with a large dollar sign on the side. Their brilliant business acumen is reflected in the fact that these money bags actually contains scarves and not real money in order to throw off would-be robbers. Offering their place of business as a location for a scene in this video gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their generosity and delicious food creations as well as saketinis for the actors and production staff. This was excellent preparation for the video shoot that followed the same afternoon where an attempted guitar theft occurred in the middle of a swarm of mosquitoes.

This award for Best Restaurant Owners Playing Themselves As Pete and Sylvia goes to PETE and SYLVIA THOMPSON!

This actor was cast in his role as guitar thief for his uncanny ability to act convincingly as a stealthy guitar thief caught red-handed in broad daylight. Also experienced as a local improv artist and teacher, this actor brought humor to a new height knowing how much can be expressed just in your face. Coincidentally, his improv troupe is called "In Your Face Improv." His acting and improv classes, called "Play for Life," were attended by Philippe Gross as well as the Director of and clarinetist in the video and the heroine's "fluffer."

This award for Best Improv Artist in a Non-Speaking Role With the Most Connections to Others in the Video goes to CHRIS RIEL!

This actor - who was not yet an actor - was spotted at a photography exhibition dressed so stylishly that the Director's eye was hopelessly caught. "She's perfect for the role!," she thought. Our friend then became an actor overnight on the set which at first was her own bedroom, having no idea that someday her intimate apparel would be shown on YouTube, and that she would be cheered by the masses for being late all the time but never without a good reason. In real life, this actor was actually never late for a video shoot and is an on-time, punctual and never-late person, thereby showing her great acting ability by acting the opposite of herself.

This award for Best On-Time Habitually Late Heroine goes to ROSEMARY BAK!


Photo credit: Duane Padilla

Ruth performs solo piano, uke, vocals at Chuck's Cellar in Waikiki's Ohana East:

50 Kaiulani Ave
Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815-3227
(808) 923-4488

Ruth performs the first two Thursdays of every month at Chuck's Cellar. She also performs on other nights, as needed. Call the restaurant to check!

The Chuck's Cellar mood is dark & cozy, retro with the high-back booths. Think old school Hawaii 5-0 nights ... a bit of escape from the world of Waikiki. Come in for a casual drink and hang out.

CONTACT: For questions, please contact


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For a preview of all songs, visit our iTunes page.

Song list and detailed credits for all songs are below.

1. Habitually Late
Words and music by Ruth Shiroma Foster
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, ukulele), Duane Padilla (violin), Norman Foster (bass clarinet)

2. Let's Do It
Words and music by Cole Porter
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, ukulele), Duane Padilla (violin, viola), Norman Foster (clarinet), Pierre Grill (bass)

3. Danny Boy
Words by Frederic Weatherly, tune Londonderry Air
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, ukulele), Duane Padilla (violin), Norman Foster (bass clarinet)

4. So In Love
Words and music by Cole Porter
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, piano), Duane Padilla (violin, viola)

5. Bad Karma
Words and music by Ruth Shiroma Foster, Norman Foster
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, ukulele), Duane Padilla (violin), Norman Foster (bass clarinet, clarinet)

6. Fly Me to the Moon
Words and music by Bart Howard
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, piano), Duane Padilla (violin), Norman Foster (bass clarinet)

7. Gotta Make It My Own
Words and music by Ruth Shiroma Foster
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, ukulele), Duane Padilla (violin), Norman Foster (bass clarinet)

8. Night & Day
Words and music by Cole Porter
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, piano), Duane Padilla (violin, viola)

9. Sweet Pea
Words and music by Amos Lee
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, ukulele), Duane Padilla (violin), Norman Foster (clarinet)

10. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Words and music by Diane Warren
Featuring Duane Padilla (violin), Ruth Shiroma Foster (piano)

11. Nothing Now
Words and music by Ruth Shiroma Foster
Featuring Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, piano), Duane Padilla (violin)

12. Habitually Late Reprise
Words and music by Ruth Shiroma Foster
Featuring Norman Foster (bass clarinet), Ruth Shiroma Foster (ukulele), Duane Padilla (violin)

Liner Notes

VIVO's sound makes it easy to imagine a promotional tour for their new CD. A week at Le Caveau de la Huchette in Paris in the 1950s. A few sets at the Knitting Factory in Lower Manhattan, autumn of 1987. A Saturday night showcase in the Blue Peacock ballroom at the Royal Hawaiian in 1936. The music would kill at any of those places at any time. Just like it kills at the regular shows they've been doing in Honolulu's Chinatown: a little jazz, a little Great American Songbook, a little Island magic.

First Ruth and that classic voice. And by classic I mean she has a sense of phrasing that belongs to her and no one else. I can't think of anyone whose vocal lines surprise me more. Every solo that Duane takes on violin, even when I've seen him play live, is perfectly crafted: no wasted notes, everything wrapped up by the end as if he knew he was going there all along. And Norm with that clarinet that sounds so human you struggle to make out individual words. Sometimes he carries a melody; other times he's the rhythm section.

Everything VIVO touches has restraint, depth and, especially in their originals, a sense of fun. "Nothing Now" is a hit song looking for a Broadway show. Listen to the CD. Catch them live where you can. Me? I want to dance at the Royal Hawaiian, 1936, while VIVO plays "Night and Day."

- By Harvey Dickson

"An instant standout ... "

"Violin and clarinet are not often heard in island recordings. That facts makes this calling card from VIVO - Duane Padilla (violin, viola), Norm Foster (clarinet, bass clarinet) and Ruth Shiroma Foster (vocals, ukulele, piano) - an instant standout. VIVO has something unusual to share. "

- John Berger, The Star-Advertiser


As listeners, you will be delighted and surprised by our eclectic mix of songs. You'll experience a range of emotions, from being simply charmed to absolutely moved. VIVO appeals to those who long for romance, adventure, nostalgia and something different in the live music experience. The combination of sounds - which includes vocals, piano, violin, ukulele, guitar, clarinet and bass clarinet - is all acoustic and a bit of a surprise.

VIVO is the melding of sounds from three musicians who are accomplished in their own right:

  • Pianist, vocalist, ukulele player and award-winning songwriter Ruth Shiroma Foster
  • Hoku award-winning violinist Duane Padilla, who also plays with the Hot Club of Hulaville and the Hawai`i Symphony and has recently added rhythm guitar to his list of skills
  • Clarinetist, composer and arranger Norman Foster, who plays with the Hawai`i Symphony and has for many years played in a range of styles, include jazz improvisation and pop

The VIVO sound is warm and retrospective. VIVO features original works by Ruth and new interpretations on a range of favorites. With the range of song selections and combination of instruments the trio brings to the stage, VIVO can't easily be categorized, but audiences have noted that the group's passionate style and its attention to creating beautiful music is what unifies the quality of VIVO's sound.


For high-resolution files, please see this page.

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